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How can I get a parts list or manual for my tool?

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  • Alan Laughter

    That is BS. Why do I need to pay for a user's manual?

  • John Mills

    And I quote “That is BS. Why do I need to pay for a user's manual”? I have been a loyal Black and Decker customer for 45 years. Thank you for giving me a list of your other products. I will never buy another one.

  • Lori Thornton

    I created an account just to come on here and say this is B.S.!!!! Here is A great opportunity for a company to support their customers and offer a small thank you and have the manuals online for their customers! Instead you make your customers pay a 2nd time to get a manual? I guess since you already got the money,  you no longer give a bleep?! I have been a very loyal Black and Decker customer and that ends today since you can't support me I'm not going to support you! I will make sure to spread the word about how black and decker offers no support and has no service for their customers!! I know little Ole me won't damage your big cold hearted company too much but I'll do my best to ask everyone I talk to to also tell their friends and family! It would have taken black and decker no time and no expense to offer customers the manuals.  Instead I do hope that you lose allot of business for not servicing your customers! Shame on you!!

  • James Nickelsen

    B&D was always an option I considered, as I said: "was". I'll be sure to share my experience. In closing, F' you very much.

  • MJ

    Complete and utter crap. I've had a B&D cordless drill for years that my wife gave me for our first christmas. After years of faithful service it now needs either a new motor of brushes. So instead of “look for parts for your tool here” I get “go to this other website and look for your tool there.” Except every single part for my tool is listed as discontinued and the motor doesn't even have a part number. Is this what corporate America has done to customer service and the right to repair? I guess I'll have to look for the parts I need on the Chinese junk store website, but this will be my last tool from Black & Decker. Count you money this quarter *ssholes, because if I have anything to say about it there won't be any more next quarter.

  • Carl Fogarty

    Why can't I downloaded a copy of a manual for a product I have already bought.  What flavour of late stage capitalism is this?   Am I mistaken or was this something that existed in the past. 

  • Carl Fogarty

    Just a tip for anyone else looking for manuals.  Lookup your product on Amazon I found the manuals available to download there.  And then never buy black and decker again 

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How can I get a parts list or manual for my tool?