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If my battery is not charging , what can I try?

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  • Tom Gutekunst

    I do not know what the age of this cordless drill/driver kit is.  I received it as a gift and do not have a receipt.  It has never been used.  The model # is CD1800SKA.  I tried to charge the unit overnight (10 hours) but it had no charge in the morning.  I talked to Peter Padilla who was very kind and knowledgeable on 1/25/21.  He told me to give about as much data as I could.  I can take the drill, charger, case, etc. to any dealer in the area if that is your recommendation.  In the instruction manual, under important charging notes, #7 states, When the battery is inserted into the charger, the amber "Charging Indicator" light will come on indicating that there is contact between the battery and the charger.  The light will stay on as long as the battery is in the charger ad the charger is plugged into a working outlet.   I checked the outlet before into the cord and it is a good outlet.  I and 3 other people looked for a "charging indicator" light but none of us could find one.  Thank you for your assistance. 

  • Sally Gaines

    I have a new (unused and still in the box) dustbuster cordless hand vac (model #CHV1410L32).  I bought it months ago and put it (unopened) in a closet until now.  It won't charge.  The “charging indicator” light does not come on when the charger is plugged in.  I had it plugged in for 6 hours.  No light and the vacuum doesn't work.  It is the same battery situation as described in Tom Gutekunst's comment.

  • David Sachleben

    Just purchased a leaf blower from Amazon. Plugged the charger in and installed the battery as instructions indicated. The charger has a continuously flashing Red light. Nowhere in the instructions is there any indication of what the flashing red light means.      

  • Carol Lynn Stewart

    I just purchased a Black and Decker 20V MAX Cordless drill. I followed the instructions and carefully plugged in the battery unit to charge. It flashed a green light at the start, which the instructions say it will do. Then I left it plugged in 48 hours. All I got was a flashing red light. The unit was not warm at all. I'd like to use the drill someday. My old B&D drill was lost when I moved many years ago. What can I do so this one will work?


  • Carol Lynn Stewart

    I just watched a fixit for the battery on youtube. But the instructions say don't mess with the battery casing. I do not have the tools the guy used, and why should I? I just bought the drill and IT DOES NOT WORK!!! What to do?


  • Bart van Yzendoorn

    I have black and decker 20v max cordless drill from 2020. The battery charger does not work! The red light keeps flashing. I followed the charging procedure and read the important charging notes in the instruction manual. I carefully install and remove the battery pack from the tool and again put back until the button clicked. The unit still does not start and the battery pack will not charge. This is 2nd day trying to make it work. This product Black and decker 20v Lithium ion BDC120VACA is still new. Just took out of my pantry 2 days ago. Please help me I need to complete my project due this week. 

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If my battery is not charging , what can I try?