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  • Dennis Mardon

    I went crazy looking for the Wall Mount bracket for the cordless dustbuster Advanced Clean product. After being unable to contact Customer Service, I wrote an email to Support. I searched the website for part number info and now I believe contrary to the info in the Instruction Manual for the CHV 1410L product there is NO Wall bracket for this product. Am I correct? Seems crazy for them to list a bracket part and yet acknowledge that there isn't one for the very product that lists the part in its Instruction Manual.

    Dennis M.

  • Girard Joseph Parent

    I agree. I even had Amazon send me another one as I found it incredulous that a company as big as Black+Decker would include it in their instructions, but not include th actual part in the packaging. Huh? So…  will buy a generic version on Amazon, pay another $15, but remember that when it comes to buying from Black+Decker again I will need to be careful lest they decide to cheap out and not include a part they state is included. 

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