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Air Humidifier Screen Display

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  • Tana Murray

    Hello Mariam Our customer service team has contacted you to provide you with further assistance, please check your email for a response. Thank you and have a great day!

  • Mariam

    Yes I didn’t get any info on the error code.. juts hey we forwarded your message to another team who didn’t reply yet, that’s not an assistance.

  • Tana Murray

    Hey Mariam please  be patient with us as we work toward a resolution. 

  • Mariam

    So the Black and Decker team on all their channels are not knowledgeable and couldn't provide the answer. It turns out to be something simple. Anyone interested to know the information, I did a search on google to find out if other brands have similar display code so here you go this is the answer:

    Lo: Indicates the measured humidity is less than 30%, this is normal, so once the room's humidity is above 33% the display starts to read the number. 

    Please educate your employees, and include this info in your manuals instead of wasting the time of your customers. 

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