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  • Kathy Menser
    1. It has been since August of 2023 i have been waiting for a replacement for my A/C and Heater portable unit to arrive. They told me to check for a tracking no. and i never found one. I paid over 500.00 for the unit and over 80.00 for your warranty. I always trusted black and decker but now have a very bad feeling about this. I have been getting the run around for months. Please some advice on what i can do to get my replacement. This really sucks if I don't. They sent me an email that they got the broken one and said it would not be long before replacing it. 
  • Maycol

    Hi Kathy Menser 
    As per our records, our customer service team was able to assist you, if you need further assistance, please let us know.

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