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How do I contact Customer Service?

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  • Rahdiolyte



  • Permanently deleted user

    I purchased a dust buster through Amazon in August. It has only been used a few times. Now it's unusable due to the horrendous noise in the motor. The deadline for return was September.

  • Dorene tibbetts

    Purchased a powered hand saw and can get the blade to go in

  • Sharon Edelson

    I had to buy a new hand mixer because my perfectly fine old one just died on me. So I bought a black 5 speed Hand Mixer MX401B Black and Decker mixer. I have a lot of your products and have always been satisfied. I am unhappy with this product. First of all, it doesn't stand up on the counter when baking. If you put it down, it flops over. No matter how careful you are, or which way you set it down, it flops down. Second, the mixer speed dial does not work well. Sometimes it takes two hands to get it up and down settings. That makes things hard when baking. I bought it at a store (Bed Bath Beyond) that is going out of business, so I can't return it. Also, I was so sure it would be a good product, that in my Christmas baking rush, I threw the box away, even if I could return it.

    I am very unhappy with this product.

  • Shannon Jones

    This is becoming very difficult. All I need is an owner's manual for a Black & Decker u 280 6-in bench grinder

  • Shannon Jones

    Hello is anybody there?

  • Gilles

    Après 4 heures de charge mon chargeur clignote toujours en vert es ce que c es normal merci

  • Richard Clemente

    I purchased a Workmate 225 on line at,it was missing 2 parts M x2 dowel pins or spring pins,   What should I do?

  • Karen Kerns

    I have been trying to set up an account for at least 30 minutes. Keeps saying wrong email or password. How can I have wrong password I just set it up never had one before

  • Allan Chasnoff

    I purchased a LST300 20V Max Trimmer Edger.  When I tried to charge the battery the light was flashing green.  After about 15-30 minutes it started flashing red.  I took the battery out and reinserted it.  It did the same thing again.  Do I have a defective battery and/or charger.

  • Laura Henderson

    I returned an item, wanting credit, I submitted the receipt, I have not heard from Black and Decker in response to the return. Can you help me? My tracking says it was delivered on May 22,  2023 It was an adapter that was the wrong kind for my hand held vacuum. I have submitted several request forms and did not get the appropriate help for a return. I just want credit to my account. You should have my information. Thanks,  Laura Henderson

  • Larry Laube

    what is the size screw inside of chuck on a firestorm 14.4 drill ?

  • Cliff Chan

    Dear Black and Decker Customer Service Representative,

    I am Cliff Chan, live in Hong Kong, I want to buy a MultiEvo storage kit, because I buy to MultiEvo tool from some country(such as South Korea and Japan), I want to know can I buy a storage kit for my tool from your side, but I know in problem that has some goods shipping to Hong Kong, even I want to contact with yours through official email, but I can't register. If you see this email, can you reply to me thru email, your reply is highly appreciated.


  • Leonard Maingi

    Urgently respond to request no 8166353. I keep getting inbox full messages when I reply tp your emails.

  • Dee Raubenstine

    RE:  #8235952 - I've been trying to get a response to my multiple inquiries. I've gotten two responses but when I reply the mailboxes are full. I need to know when when to expect my two replacement batteries that aren't working (and my lawn mower is brand new!).  Thank you.

  • Michelle Lew

    Can you please provide me a UPS tracking number for order # 7038934364 Thanks!

  • Barrett Carter

    How long does it take to initially charge the Black & Decker vacuum BHFEA420J and what is the indication that it is charging and that it is fully charged? 

  • Mario flibotte

    Merci pour l’excellent service ,


    I have a 40V Max Hedge Trimmer  

    I used it last summer for the first and only time.  I recently tried to use is again.  I charged the battery, installed it but the trimmer doesn't work.

    I did not leave the battery in the charger over winter.  Have I ruined the battery?  It blinked green as it was “charging” and finally showed a steady green light to indicate fully charged.

    Is there a service center near me (Hot Springs, Arkansas, 71901)?






























    v Max Hedge Trimmer


    we are a nonprofit organization serving the homeless. The Board president donated a much-needed microwave.  Black and Decker made it.  It stopped working after 2 months.  We contacted Black and Drcker.  They made us jump through hoops and eventually stopped communication. We ended up appealing to our donors for another microwave with the specification it should not be from Black and Decker.

  • Virginia M Stivers

    Customer service,  seuq ym

  • Virginia M Stivers

    My question is ca i use my cordless vacuum while it is plugged in being chareged?

  • Patty Olaf

    I purchased a trimmer/blower combination.  Model #LCC140 on May 6th.  I received it two days ago May 30th.  Charged the new battery and used the trimmer.  I hooked up to recharge, charger showed green and then immediately flashed red.  Indicating the battery was not working.  I own several B&D chargers and I tried another charger and still the same red flashing indicating the battery is defective.  Should I take everything back to Home Depot which I ordered on line and I picked up from the store, or can I receive another battery and return this one.  Also, I tried to register Warranty on line and had trouble.  I talked to B&D representative Friday May 31st and as long as I had the receipt I didn't need to register????  Please assist as soon as possible.  I tried calling directly June 3 and was on hold a very long time.   

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How do I contact Customer Service?