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How do I register my Black &+Decker product online?

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  • Rena Hussey

    Worst online experience I have ever had. Cannot find any way to register my new product.

  • Wanda Hawkins

    I cannot find how to register my new stick vaccum online. I can not find a sign up

  • Lisa Cheff

    Agreed - terrible!


    totally bullshit experience

  • Yvonne H Avant

    My hand vac was a gift I don't have receipt.

  • Hallauto

    Bad design web site, Can not find where to register vacuun

  • Frank Carrillo

    Nice hand vac but can't register my product. Terrible web site...very unprofessional 👎

  • Barbara Vollrath

    Agree worst, web site ever, cannot find where to register Toaster Oven/ Air Fryer.  Keeps sending all over the place.


  • Thomas Gotowka

    How the heck do I register my product? Around and round we go.

  • Walter Mikaelian

    Attention Black & Decker management! 

    I'm taking the time to write this, because I've used B&D products for years and love your products. Your new product registration process is the worst I've experienced.

    New product registration should take less than a minute on a mobile device, NOT 15 minutes of frustration! 

    This is the year 2023, NOT 2005 - Fix it!!!

  • Joshua H.

    No product registration? You say to just keep our receipt and present it to a repair agent or service center but where in the heck do I find one of those?!

  • Charlotte Brees

    I agree. I was just given a 10,000 BTU air conditioner, & I would like to register it. This thing if keeping the receipt (when it's a gift) is stupid. I want to know I can get service or f & when I need it. I don't want to wait until it's necessary. I look at not registering my air conditioner as just another way for Black & Decker to get out of having to do anything if & when the time comes I have a problem . Charlotte B.

  • Maynard Brandon

    The manual tells you to register your product. The website tells you you need to sign up/acquire an account to register your product. Then, finally, this goofy FAQ tells you:

    "To register your Black + Decker product online, please visit us at If you are not already a member of our Black + Decker Community, click on Sign Up to start the process."

    But wait, there's more:

    "As a friendly reminder, we no longer require our customers to register their products with us or send in warranty cards. All you need to do is keep your receipt safe or a digital copy, and present it to our repair agent or repair center. That would be enough to make a warranty claim."


  • .Mark Forbert

    Product Registration?

  • Robert Diamond

    Mike Diamond
    Probably need to hire a English speaking web designer. Your registration system is totally flawed.
    By the way when you purchase on line you don’t get a receipt.

  • Linda. Hust

    Linda Hust

    Yes, I bought my tool from Amazon prime,no receipt. I've no printer,12 miles to the library..

  • Pat McDuffee

    Impossible to register my new B & D microwave. I sincerely hope that the microwave works better than your website.

  • Lexi Way

    Why can't I register my Product online?

  • Brian J Stuhlmuller

    Seems like B&D wants to avoid interactions with their customers. I signed on to register my vacuum as directed in the instructions and to look for possible attachments, but the web site is designed to avoid, confuse, obfuscate, (and frustrate) rather than clarify & support..

  • Jeffrey Bailey

    Product was a gift. Registration should be the process to assure warranty. I have found no way on the website to accomplish this.

  • Jim Willen

    Absolutely most terrible, worst experience EVER just trying to login and register a product! A minus 10 would be over rating this entire experience!


  • Linda M Thurston

    I don't have a receipt as it was a gift.  What then?


  • Vincent Frazzini

    Product registration is bugged. Had the same error happen with both Firefox and Seamonkey browsers. Steps to reproduce below:

    1. Log into account.
    2. Click ‘Your Products’ link.
    3. Click ‘Register a New Product’ button.
    4. Fill out all fields, click the ‘Register Product’ button.
    5. You will receive an error message shown in the image below:

    It doesn't look like product registration is necessary according to this article, so I'm just archiving this web page in case I need to warranty my product.

  • Roger Stubenrouch

    Found it difficult to register my product, which from customer comments over the past couple years, seems to have been the norm.  Yes, difficult to find that part of the B&D website that says B&D products don't need to be registered anymore…. just keep the receipt.  Then why is the suggestion to register my product STILL IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL that came along with my product TWO DAYS ago (this is June 2024).  Someone is lazy on the job.  Hope my recently purchased product had better workers attending to its completion than the web administrators.  

    Roger Stubenrouch

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How do I register my Black &+Decker product online?